My Favorite Lit-Blog Things: June 11, 2010

Sorry for a slow week on the blog, but court deadlines take precedence. I will resume posting reviews on my (semi-)regular schedule starting this weekend. For today, it is links time.

My favorite lit-blog thing, ever: A surprise guest-post here tomorrow.

If you have not done so yet, click over to Kevin from Canada’s offer to recommend a book (scroll to the last paragraph of the review and the comments). You supply your last five reads, he comes up with an original book choice based on the trends he divines and his wealth of literary knowledge.

What makes a good bookshop?” – Pechorin’s Journal

War with Newts – The Asylum; thanks John, now I have to have it.

And in a similarly pocket-emptying vein: Skylark – Sasha & the Silverfish

The Happy Ghost” – Bill Morris at The Millions

Cheater Cheater” – Michael Erard in The Morning News

Six Links of Separation (I know, I can’t settle on a consistent title. This won’t last long.): The Asylum => The Existence Machine => waggish => Golden Rule Jones => Pete Lit => Books for Breakfast

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