ToB 2015 Contest:  Pi Day Update

The Tournament is underway.  There are more comments than I’ve ever seen on the ToB discussion board and only one contestant is perfect.  My favorite is still in the running, though it hasn’t had its match yet.


1-2.  Melanie and Jeremy – A perfect 5

3-7.  Five Contestants – 4

Congratulations to Melanie and Jeremy!  Everyone else still has a great chance, so don’t fret, yet.  The consensus for Monday, in case you are wondering, is Station Eleven by a country mile.  (You, collectively, predict the next four days of next week to go:  Redeployment, Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay, A Brief History of Seven Killings, and All the Light We Cannot See.)

[Edited to reflect my error in scoring.  Two players had perfect scores.  This is a good opportunity to say, as we move forward, please do e-mail me if I have, or you think I have, miscalculated your score.  I err on occasion, obviously.  Thanks in advance.]


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