My Favorite Lit-Blog Things: February 21, 2010

(Actually, these items are (mostly) links that were supposed to go in the February 18, 2010 Favorite Lit-Blog Things but were unintentionally left out…oops.)

Snotty Literary Theory Meets Lady GaGa

An excellent Book Rant by a new blogger, real-life friend (of a friend of a friend-type thing, but she’s very cool so check her new blog out), and English teacher on a blog otherwise devoted to sewing and knitting.

Bill Cotter’s Book Notes music playlist for his debut novel (and TOB 2010 contender), Fever Chart.

Words for the Wind: The Collected Verse of Theodore Roethke (via Shelf Love)

Tournament of Books 2010 Contest Update: I am still waiting for the brackets. The website indicates it will not be up until March, so I am trying to decide what to do to give entrants sufficient time to mull their picks. The timing of the brackets will impact the exact nature of the contest. But I will hold a TOB 2010 contest. Stay tuned…

[UPDATE: The TOB 2010 brackets will be released Friday. I will post a link as quickly as my schedule allows and provide contest rules then. Good luck!]

2 Responses to My Favorite Lit-Blog Things: February 21, 2010

  1. Hi, Kerry-

    I just saw that you posted this link to my blog: what a nice compliment! I’m very flattered. Thank you!

  2. Kerry says:


    Thank you for the interesting and original post.

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