Interviews: Geoff Dyer and Graham Greene

The Asylum has a wonderful interview with Geoff Dyer here, if you missed it the first time around.

[Updated courtesy of John Self (see comments)] Jim Crace, incidentally in the queue here at Hungry Like the Woolf, has not interviewed Geoff Dyer. A completely separate and unrelated Crace has conducted, however, a very good interview of Dyer in the Guardian. Paris Trance is not the topic, but the second Crace does dribble out some interesting bits about the sex scenes.

Dyer gives a little insight into Luke and Paris Trance while being interviewed by Jed Lipinski for The Brooklyn Rail.

The Paris Review does have available for free its interview of Graham Greene. It is, as almost all their interviews are, outstanding.

6 Responses to Interviews: Geoff Dyer and Graham Greene

  1. John Self says:

    Thanks for the link Kerry! A note: the Guardian Dyer interview isn’t by Jim Crace (the novelist), but John Crace (the creator of the Guardian’s tiresomely cynical Digested Read column).

  2. Kerry says:


    Thank you for the excellent interview and for noticing my error. I suppose I just saw “J Crace” and skipped to my faulty conclusion. But I will be posted on a Jim Crace novel fairly soon.

  3. John Self says:

    Oh that’s good – I’m a great admirer of his although I don’t think he’s written a novel that really pushes all my buttons simultaneously. Nonetheless I am a big fan of Arcadia, Quarantine and Being Dead. Others of his are also very much worth reading but my one criticism of him is that his voice as a novelist tends to remain the same from book to book. Anyway I look forward to your review.

  4. Kerry says:

    Thank you, John. This will be the first Jim Crace I have read and, unfortunately (for you), one you have enjoyed already. Still, I will endeavor to have something interesting to say. It is always an honor when you drop by.

  5. Lee Monks says:

    I must briefly push The Devil’s Larder, which I thought was exquisite. Fine writer.

    The Paris Review Collected Interviews Vol. I to III are totally indispensable for those wanting to peer behind the curtain. I hope there’s another one lined-up somewhere along the line.

  6. Kerry says:

    Thanks for dropping in Lee, and for the push. It will go on the list.

    And you are so right. The Paris Review Collected Interviews are indispensable. Let me know where to sign a petition for more.

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