Unofficial ToB X Contest: Final Standings

The chickens have come home to roost, but for the one sent off to Mr. McBride, of course. So, the final results are in and Adam gets to crow this year.

For his prize, Adam has selected the much-anticipated U.S. debut of The Orenda, which has taken home some prizes of its own, including the Shadow Giller Prize. In addition, he has selected the scintillating novel described by one astute critic as like “the birth of your first child, only it fits on a Kindle and doesn’t keep you awake for several months before it begins to tell you stories and the stories are actually good.” If that sounds like over-hype, it isn’t when you consider Orion You Came and You Took All My Marbles has also garnered critical praise like this: “Henehan isn’t just playful with language, she tickles it until it wets itself.” But, this is more about Adam and his incredible, come-from-behind, sorry Jennifer, victory in the Fifth Annual Unofficial ToB Contest! Well done, sir. Happy reading, to you and to all!

Oh, and that’s almost guaranteed with Henehan’s novel which has been lauded not only by me, but also by The Millions, Bookslut, and GQ. And now you are probably wondering, is Milkweed Editions paying him? No, they are not, though I wouldn’t be above that (and I did get them to give away a book to a Hungry Like the Woolf reader, though I paid for mine). Is Kira Henehan sleeping with this guy? No, I am sure Ms. Henehan is above that, especially as I am a complete stranger to her. What’s the deal then? I just really, really liked the book, it is from a small press, and I want Ms. Henehan to write another. Please. You must google your name now and again. I won’t buy just one.

I think I’ve strayed. Thanks to everyone who participated or followed along or just read this for no intelligible reason at all. The best to all of you!

Final Standings

1. 32 Points – Adam S.

2. 29 Points – Jennifer D.

3. 28 Points – Laura C.

4. 16 Points – Jeremy Z.

5. 15 Points – Michelle W.

6. 14 Points – Jim M.

7. 13 Points – Katie M.

8. 12 Points – Susan S., Mike R., Me

Hope to see you all online (here, Goodreads, wherever) before next year’s ToB, but, if not, at least then.

7 Responses to Unofficial ToB X Contest: Final Standings

  1. Sweet! love the book choices, Adam! I hope you will love them both. 🙂

  2. ttwsglen says:

    Thanks for doing this once again, Kerry! It was fun…and now I must check out Henehan.

    • Kerry says:

      Of course, I hope you do check out Henehan. It’s a really fun book and very original. Quick, enjoyable, and worth reading. Hard for me to be any more glowing.

      And thanks for playing along in the contest. The more really is the merrier.


  3. Adam S. says:

    SO excited to read Orion You Came and You Took All My Marbles! It was Kerry’s enthusiastic and glowing review that convinced me it was a book I had to have and read ASAP, and I am so wanting to just skip my current book club book to start it right now after reading the above. Love it when a reader shows such passion for a book!

  4. Jane says:

    I am so gonna get Orenda. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

    • Kerry says:

      Excellent. I am eager to read it as well. Blogger I trust, i.e. members of the Giller Prize Shadow Jury, recommend it highly.

      Also, sorry for the loooong delay in approving (and responding to) this comment. I thought I had, but it slipped through. Mea culpa.

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