Unofficial ToB X Contest: Start of the Zombie Round

Bold means you have a chance. Good luck and enjoy the last three matches!

Entering the Zombie Round:

1. 17 Points – Jennifer D. (Unless The People in the Trees wreck everything, The Good Lord Bird has to soar, but not only that.)

2. 16 Points – Laura C., Adam S.

4. 12 Points – Jeremy Z., Susan S., Mike R.

7. 11 Points – Kyle C., Michelle W.

9. 10 Points – AliceUnderSkies, Jim M., Timothy R., Grebmar, Neighbors


Jeremy Z., Laura C., and Adam S. set the pace with six out of a possible eight third round points, moving Laura and Adam tantalizingly close to our leader as Jeremy positions for a final surge to glory. Jeremy’s a Goldfinch man, while Laura and Adam are riding The Good Lord Bird.

Michelle W. resurrects herself with four of the eight possibles and a wise Life After Life pick to win it all. (Jim is one behind, also with 4/8 in Round 3, but will forever remain at least a step slow.)

The Immobile:

Umm, Claudine, pick the opposite of what you think will (want to?) happen next year. But at least you got the Play-In match right, assuring one, but only one, point. (Your comment wins a prize because, well, your feat has only been matched once. Though, technically, someone had zero points because there was no play-in round that year.)

3 Responses to Unofficial ToB X Contest: Start of the Zombie Round

  1. Adam S. says:

    Now that I’m looking at this post, I actually think I (might) have figured out what each person that has a shot needs to have happen to win. Did you purposefully create an LSAT-like logic game here? It’s been years, but this reminds me of that.

  2. ttwsglen says:

    And down goes Tartt.

    Alas, although I picked Goldfinch to win out over GLB in the finals, I had to make my picks before I read either book. Now that I’ve finished GLB and am about 100 pages into the Tartt, I’m not surprised at the verdict–and happy about it too.

    I find myself wanting more time to read the TOB shortlist every year. This year, the Lahiri was the only one I had gotten to before it was announced, although several were on my TBR list.

    How many others picked a winner they hadn’t read?

  3. It’s SO CLOSE!! How exciting. Thanks for tracking it all, Kerry!!

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