Unofficial Tournament of Books X Contest: Update somewhere in the second third of the tournament, roughly speaking

Uh, so, this whole contest is still going on and I hope I have built up the suspense just enough regarding current standings.

For the record, I like where we sit because, with the exception of The Son (or, theoretically, The People of the Trees), I will have read all the Zombie Round contestants. I will have at least one cent about each of the matchups. Yay for me. And that is where my ToB happiness ends.

Standings At Some Point in the Semifinals:

1. 15 Points – Jennifer D. (but not a runaway, Life After Life as a Zombie would likely cause a lead change, but not the end of our leader who might just be prepping for the finale)
2. 12 Points – Laura C., Adam S. (both only one with a shot [sorry for any false hope])
4. 8 Points – AliceUnderSkies, Jeremy Z., Susan S., Grebmar, Neighbors (at least some of you have a theoretical shot)

If you have 7 points, Life After Life and a winner (still alive) other than The Good Lord Bird, you might get a couple free books. But probably not.

Everyone else: Sucks to be us.

7 Responses to Unofficial Tournament of Books X Contest: Update somewhere in the second third of the tournament, roughly speaking

  1. ttwsglen says:

    Bah! I had Goldfinch beating Good Lord Bird in the finals. Today’s arbitrary decision to have them face in the Zombie Round probably means the end to my bracket.

    But wait here…my look back at the scoring rules indicates that no points are awarded for the two finalists–just the Zombie Round and the Champion. That’s a bit of good luck.

    • Kerry says:

      And your luck runs out, I am afraid. Sorry, truly.

      While there is some ambiguity, the listing of the round means you get points for the winners who emerge from that Round, e.g., One point is awarded for picking the book that wins the play-in round, not for picking which books are a play-in contender (which is a near impossibility). Points are awarded for picking the books that win the first round, etc., until the Zombie. So, you were initially correct, Goldfinch versus The Good Lord Bird is bad news for you.

      Let me know if that makes sense or if that doesn’t make sense, in which case, bad rules drafting = more prizes for everyone.

  2. GAH!! The anticipation & excitement. Heh! ūüôā

    • Kerry says:

      You can almost, almost, start deciding which books you want…..

      • Adam S. says:

        ūüė¶ This has me thinking that I need to be correct with my finalists and winner in order to earn the win over the unstoppable force that has been Jennifer D. thus far. So much more suspenseful than being far out of the running last year!

      • WHAT?! Really?? That’s exciting!! I did do a happy dance when GLB made it through today’s round. Heh!

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