Tournament of Books X: End of Week 1

First, the bad news: No one is perfect after a measly three matchups, including the brain-free play-in.

Second, the good news: Brains are overrated and everyone did equally well in the lopsided matchup between Catton’s gem and that other book.

Third, a summary of your picks: If you are right, and you are right a fair amount of the time, The Good Lord Bird (88%) will avoid extinction tomorrow and guess who’s coming to The Dinner? Mr. Koch, according to 71% of you.

The following three first round matchups are all fall in the 60/40 range with The Son and At Night We Walk in Circles almost perfectly balanced. I would say it’s gonna get crazy, but Judge Fershleiser already took us there.

Other things to which you can look forward? The Luminaries will stomp through the competition, being the only book to snag more than half of us in every round to the Finals, except for that Deliverance incident. It is still a strong plurality (35%) to take it all, but, really, who wasted their Zombie vote on the Booker winner? My way of saying my brackets are busted and yours probably are too.

If you have The Goldfinch as the winner, that is the next most popular pick (29%) to take home southern fried bragging rights.

I hope this jest isn’t infinite, but I do hope it comes with a stiff drink. And if you read TOB comments, you know what I mean.

Leader Board Update: March 10
1. Eleven people with two.
2. Everyone else.

Already, everyone has missed one and gotten one right. This is not looking like a record-setting year in either direction. But I picked The Luminaries to win it all, so have a grain of salt.

2 Responses to Tournament of Books X: End of Week 1

  1. ttwsglen says:

    While Luminaries is my favorite book of the TOB so far, I had a feeling some judge would feel like Fershleiser and toss it. I didn’t think it would happen so soon, though!

    I take it there is no solid third most popular guess for the Rooster, but the remaining 36% is distributed fairly evenly between three or four other books.

    • Kerry says:

      I believe that is the first 1-16 (b/c I think The Luminaries had to be the heaviest of the heavy hitters, i.e. the first of the ones) upset of TOB history. You were obviously quite right to see some weakness there.

      I think all of the possible favorites have serious weaknesses. Today’s judge didn’t rave about The Good Lord Bird (18%), I think there are plenty of comments attesting to ambivalence regarding Life After Life (12%), A Tale for the Time Being is likely just that for at least one judge (6%). No other book received a vote of confidence in the final round.

      So, I guess the answer was no. I was being slightly coy by not divulging the remaining Finals stats.

      It should be interesting. This might be a Cardiac Pack type of year. (I was going to go with 1985, or was it ’86, Villanova, but you’ve gotta go with Jimmy V for a reference like that.)

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