Unofficial TOB 2013 Contest: Leaderboard – Post-Zombie Apocalypse


It is an all-Zombie Finals, making this the third consecutive year in which a Zombie will fry the Rooster.

Match 1, Zombie Round
The Fault in Our Stars ate the brain of Building Stories

Match 2, Zombie Round
The Orphan Master’s Son crushed the larynx of Gone Girl

Leaderboard – Post-Zombie Round

1. (20 points) Linda J., Neil R., Felicity, Kerry H.

5. (18 points) Amy C., Julie W.

7. (17 points) Christopher H., Jennifer N., Melanie C.

10. (16 points) Jeremy Z., Andrew B., Michelle W., Lydia P.

It takes 28 points to win. The winner of the contest will come from those with twenty (20) points. (I, of course, am excluded.) An early congratulations to whoever brings home the goods tomorrow.

My consolation to everyone else, particularly if your favorite failed to Final. There is always next year…..

5 Responses to Unofficial TOB 2013 Contest: Leaderboard – Post-Zombie Apocalypse

  1. I hereby promise that if Kerry H. wins this contest, I will send him a copy of the book of his choice (although it will have to be available on Amazon or Indigo since those are the only e-suppliers I have accounts with).

    Given that I must be in the running for last place, it seems the least that I can do.

    • Kerry says:

      Kevin, that is a very generous offer. I’ve enjoyed your recommendations enough that I would take you up on that offer. Except, I lose on tie-breaks.

      (I am perpetually about to pick up Fall on Your Knees, but I will. That is my next book (after the Coetzee I am reading (Michael K), as well as The Tin Flute.) If you will recommend something Canadian, I will buy and read it.

      (Also, edit made.)

      • With those two on your agenda, I’d say that is sufficient commitment to CanLit for now.

        And I noticed I did manage to clinch last, although it took a tie-breaker to do it. I’m afraid my tastes and those of the ToB judges were rather divergent this year.

      • Kerry says:

        I was very disappointed that Dear Life went out early and had no chance of a comeback. Other than The Orphan Master’s Son, which I would not have read but for the TOB, I cannot say there were any “finds” for me this year. Of course, I didn’t read all the contenders, either, but, as a group, they just did not excite. The selection criteria seems to be diverging from the sorts of books I really enjoy. I am with you on that.

        The Fault in Our Stars making the Finals while Dear Life founders early and forever is not, to me, a good sign.

  2. Crazy: I missed five straight matchups from the halfway point of Round 2 through the first half of the Zombie Round and I still have a chance? I think I’ve got the right book tomorrow (The Orphan Master’s Son) but I have to think I’ll be too low on the tiebreaker since I thought it would be facing a tougher foe in the final. But, I’ve been wrong a lot recently. Good luck all–and thanks for doing this, Kerry!

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