Unofficial TOB 2013 Contest: Leaderboard – End of Round 3


Match 3, Round 2
Gone Girl thrilled over Beautiful Ruins.

Match 4, Round 2
How Should a Person Be? was a question left unanswered by Bring Up the Bodies

Match 1, Round 3
Building Stories disappeared The Orphan Master’s Son

Match 2, Round 3
Gone Girl denied the premise of How Should a Person Be?

Leaderboard – End of Round 3

1. (17 points) Christopher H.

2. (16 points) Linda J., Neil R., Felicity, Jeremy Z., Kerry H.

7. (15 points) Mike R.

8. (14 points) Jane Eyre, Jayme G., Julie W., Jed S., Amy C.

Other contenders (Current/Max Points):

Michelle W. (12/28), Diane H. (13/25), Melanie C. (13/25), Jennifer N. (13/25)

I regret to inform you that if your name does not appear above, you have been mathematically eliminated.

Interestingly, no one has picked Building Stories to take it all. I have to think there might be regrets about that. It seems very likely to make the Finals, but can only play spoiler, not king-maker, now. A Building Stories win will force a tie-breaker decision.

Only one contestant still in contention picked The Fault in Our Stars for the Rooster. If it wins, she does.

The Orphan Master’s Sons contingent is the largest and Gone Girl booster club nearly as populous. The precise winner, in the event either of these prevails, will be determined by tie-breakers.

Good luck!

4 Responses to Unofficial TOB 2013 Contest: Leaderboard – End of Round 3

  1. Melanie says:

    Oh, I’m back in the game! Now I just need Orphan Master to go all the way, and I’ll be doing a happy chair dance. Gooooo, Johnson!

  2. I’m afraid I’m all but lost here, as my champion book – Beautiful Ruins – stumbled on the second turn. Doubtful I can recover. Good luck to all you JunDo and Amy fans. It will be, no doubt, an epic cage match.

    • Kerry says:

      It is now down to the large JunDo contingent and the solitary John Green booster. Tiebreakers will probably matter this year. (Sorry you won’t repeat. No one has, yet.)

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