Unofficial TOB 2013 Contest: Leaderboard – Round 2, Match 2


Match 1, Round 2
The Orphan Master’s Son prevails over The Fault in Our Stars.

Match 2, Round 2
Building Stories stings May We Be Forgiven

Leaderboard – Round 2, Match 2

1. (Ten points) Neil R., Jed S.

2. (Nine points) Christopher H., Dianne H., Mike R.

3. (Eight points) Lydia P., Jane Eyre, Jayme G., Susan S., Linda J., Julie W., Felicity, Jeremy Z., Jim M., Kerry H.

The leaderboard has been re-shuffled. More of that is likely to come. While Gone Girl and Bring Up the Bodies are the most commonly picked winners of the next two matches, there are dissenters, particularly at the top. If the expected happens, we will have new leaders and an even bigger logjam.

(Having read neither of today’s contenders, I have no comment. I was, obviously, happy to see The Orphan Master’s Son advance.)

2 Responses to Unofficial TOB 2013 Contest: Leaderboard – Round 2, Match 2

  1. Jed S says:

    I think I can guarantee my lead won’t hold…

    • Kerry says:


      Your lead likely will not survive Round 2. But you are sitting in good shape for a run to the Championship. I haven’t crunched all the numbers, but your finalists both remain in contention. That is much better than most of us can say.

      My 8 means even less given my prediction of Dear Life in the finals. I am likely out as a potential high-scorer, but might be able to turn in my best finish since I’ve been doing this. That depends on Orphan Master’s Son winning. If it doesn’t, my finish will be very mediocre.

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