Unofficial TOB 2012 Contest Leaderboard: Semifinals Concluded

Unofficial TOB 2012 Contest Leaderboard: Semifinals Match 1
March 26, 2012

Match update:
Match 2, Semifinals: Open City defeated ​The Sisters Brothers
The Sisters Brothers selected as a Zombie.
The Art of Fielding selected as a Zombie.

Leaders (Predicted Champ, if alive):
1. Amy C. 15 (The Sisters Brothers)

2. Andrew B. 14 (The Art of Fielding)
Felicity 14

4. Mike R. 12
Elizabeth L. 12 (Open City)
Alike K. 12

The race is really down to three, unless Lightning Rods wins. I am not sure who takes the glory in that case. So, someone other the three leaders with horses still racing might have a chance. Good luck to all, but especially to Elizabeth because I want Open City to win.

The Caboose:

Kathy 1 ***New Record!***

Congratulations! You have set a bar so low that it will be nearly impossible for anyone else to get under (to KfC’s dismay). Of course, I would have said that about Sarah’s 2 last year. You make the TOB Contest version of the 2008 Detoit Lions seem possible. Thanks for that. But it took 30 years for an NFL team to manage 0-16, so your record could stand for a long, long time.

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