Unofficial TOB 2012 Contest Leaderboard: Semifinals Match 1

Match update:
Match 3, Round 2: The Sisters Brothers defeated Swamplandia!
Match 4, Round 2: Open City defeated ​The Marriage Plot
Match 1, Semifinals: Lightning Rods defeated 1Q84

1. Felicity 12
Mike R. 12

3. Amy C. 11

4. Andrew B. 10
Elizabeth L. 10

To give everyone not on this board hope, some of those with a mere five points can still best both of today’s co-leaders in some scenarios. (For instance, Zach could still pull in 20 out of the 22 remaining points.) In other words, the leaderboard will change dramatically before the week ends. One thing we know, though, I won’t be making an appearance on it.

The Caboose (max in parentheses):

K 1 (3)
Neighbors73 3 (19)

Only two are in contention for the booby prize. K cannot score more than three points. One more correct pick dooms Neighbors73’s chance at ignominy. She could actually climb onto the leaderboard if The Art of Fielding snags a Zombie spot like a lazy fly ball. Meanwhile, K has a chance to set a new record, besting the impressive 2 scored last year.

2 Responses to Unofficial TOB 2012 Contest Leaderboard: Semifinals Match 1

  1. Felicity says:

    It is killing me knowing that I am at the top and yet am doomed to fall… (I think my highest possible score at this point is… 20? Given that there’s someone else who can still score 20 more points, I sincerely doubt that’s going to do it…) Damn you, Tiger’s Wife not making it as a Zombie!

    • Kerry says:

      The Tiger’s Wife did severely impair your chances. Sorry about that, on multiple fronts (I wanted The Tiger’s Wife to advance both for my bracket and because I would enjoy talking about it more than talking about Lightning Rods.

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