Unofficial TOB 2012 Contest Leaderboard: Match 6, Round 1

Match update:
Match 5, Round 1: The Sisters Brothers defeated State of Wonder
Match 6, Round 1: Swamplandia!​ defeated ​The Cat’s Table

Jeremy Z. 6
Darren G. 6
Mike R. 6
Alice K. 6

Felicity 5
Wilson K. 5
Elizabeth L. 5
Gary D. 5
Andrew B. 5
Kerry (me) 5

The leaders have remained perfect and will tomorrow too, but their number must dwindle. Two have picked the underdog Green Girl.

Fifth place is hotly contested and plenty of entrants have three and four points. Enjoy!

5 Responses to Unofficial TOB 2012 Contest Leaderboard: Match 6, Round 1

  1. whisperinggums says:

    Enjoying watching these … though I know few of the books. I was intrigued to see that IQ 84 won a round. It’s had such mixed reviews around the blog traps. I’ll be interested to see how far it goes.

  2. Kerry says:

    Hey, thanks for stopping in. I don’t expect 1Q84 to go much further for exactly the reason you’ve identified. It will meet a judge who hates it, I am sure.

    I said it on your blog, but I will say it here for anyone following the Tournament who didn’t see your excellent coverage: Great job with Man Asian Literary Prize coverage and Shadow Jury participation.

  3. Mike Ramberg says:

    I might drop off tomorrow. Green Girl was my upset special (I have my doubts now), and there’s also a strong buzz on Open City out there.

    Rooster On!

  4. neighbors73 says:

    Luckily for me, the books I haven’t read yet (The Stranger’s child & The Cat’s Table) have been eliminated. That just leaves The Art of Fielding, which I’m going to try and finish by Monday.

    So far, I’m enjoying the Tournament.

    • Kerry says:

      While the books are not the best group the TOB has featured, they are interesting and have sparked some interesting discussions. The judges are doing a pretty good job too. So, yes, I am enjoying the Tournament too. Glad to hear you are.

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