Unofficial TOB 2012 Contest Leaderboard Update: Round 1, Match 4

Match update:
Match 3, Round 1: 1Q84 defeated The Last Brother
Match 4, Round 1: The Tiger’s Wife defeated The Stranger’s Child

Jeremy Z. 4
Darren G. 4
Mike R. 4
Felicity 4
Alice K. 4

The top 5 are all perfect, for now. Four out of five have gone with The Sisters Brothers in today’s matchup. (Whereas the overall field was more closely divided.) Either one player will separate from the pack, or there will continue to be a logjam of perfection. Congratulations to the five perfect scores.

Good luck to everyone else. There is still plenty of time to catch up.

6 Responses to Unofficial TOB 2012 Contest Leaderboard Update: Round 1, Match 4

  1. ttwsglen says:

    I fear my perfect run will come to an end Thursday. I’m about to finish The Cat’s Table and while I don’t love it, it’s much stronger than Swamplandia! (It feels strange to put the title’s exclamation mark at the end of a sentence.) I have Russell winning until falling in the zombie round on the basis of her book’s seeming popularity, but I found it to be a bit of a mess. The Cat’s Table, on the other hand, is much more nuanced and interesting. Of course, that doesn’t mean that Haven Kimmel feels the same way.

    • Kerry says:

      If yours comes to an end, the run of every other perfect scorer will too. None of you has picked Cat’s Table. (Only 20% of entrants overall chose Cat’s Table to see round 2.)

      I haven’t read Ondaatje’s entry, but I have read his In the Skin of a Lion. On the basis of that and what I read (a few opening pages) of Swamplandia!, I would much prefer to see Cat’s Table move forward. I am hoping we both picked wrong. I don’t want to see any more Swamplandia!! (Is that how that would work with the punctuation? I’ve been having that exclamation point thing too. I keep reading it in my head Swamp-LANDIA!.)

      • Alice says:

        I am also very nervous about what result tomorrow will have on my streak! My preference lies with The Cat’s Table but I have Swamplandia! for the win based on the superficial impressions I formed on Kimmel’s taste while briefly flipping through her books. I’m nervous, but I think it may be the correct pick. I have a feeling that, as a memoirist of her feisty girlhood, Kimmel might have a personal bias towards Russell’s feisty girl narrator. Fingers crossed. I am already eager for tomorrow morning to come–today’s match was fairly ho-hum and the comments are less interesting to me than usual. I can’t muster to say about either book that isn’t just a dull retread of everyone else’s opinion–neither of them inspire me at all for discussion.

      • Kerry says:

        The comments are a little less interesting today. No one has said anything about the relative merits that has not been said already. I am still surprised, though, by the amount of love that State of Wonder gets.

      • Alice says:

        It doesn’t surprise me as much as the admiration for Devil that surged through the comments last week. Patchett is very well-beloved–lingering goodwill is a huge factor in priming readers for a new book; indeed, it probably softened my own reaction when I read it last summer because I really do admire her personally–and she has a high readability quotient that hooks in so many people. I think of this as the bookclub factor and, with The Tiger’s Wife, she has it in her favor. And, I don’t know, maybe it was genuinely good and exciting for people who’ve never been exposed to this sort of narrative before? I could see the setting having an exotic allure for some people. Maybe. I’m actually acutely regretting not choosing it as a zombie–looks like it garnered some votes in that direction.

      • Kerry says:

        Those are all excellent points, Alice. The love for Devil was genuinely shocking.

        I was thinking bestsellers haven’t done so well as Zombies, but Room last year suggests I am wrong. Plus, I think as the ToB becomes more widely popular, more widely popular books will grab Zombie votes. I kind of liked it when undersung heroes like The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks could snag a Zombie spot.

        Having bestsellers as Zombies does work better from an aesthetic standpoint. The (too-often) mindless things do need to be doubly-killed……and they just keep coming and coming……

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