TOB 2012 Unofficial Contest

The Hungry Like the Woolf sponsored TOB 2012 Unofficial Contest is now open for entries. The rules are as follows:


The prize will be the winner’s choice of two books from among my “best of” lists (2011 coming soon), the 16 ToB 2012 contenders, and Orion You Came and You Took All My Marbles. The particular format (i.e. cover type/publisher/etc.) of the books will be chosen by me at my sole discretion, but I will consider any expressed preferences so long as they are within my allotted budget.

Eligibility and Entry Requirements:

Everyone, everywhere is eligible, except for me, my immediate family, and close relatives. There is absolutely no entry fee, obligation, or purchase required. However, I would be very pleased if the winner, after reading the prize selections, let’s me know what they think of the book in comments here.

Entries must be received by Sunday, March 4, 2012 at 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time (US).


Each entrant should e-mail their entry to: kerry_7 at yahoo. The subject line should read: 2012 TOB Contest. (I will reply confirming receipt. If you don’t receive the reply, you may want to check with me, either by e-mail or in comments.)

One entry per person, please. Include your name and mailing address in the body of the entry. This information will only be used to send you the books in the event you win.

When making your selections, you should refer to the official Tournament of Books 2012 brackets. If you print out the official bracket and fill it out, you will see (in the first, and typed, column on the left) the sixteen contestants. The next column contains your eight Round 1 Winners. The next column will be your four Round 2 Winners, the next your four Round 3 Winners and Zombies, next the Zombie Round Winners, and, finally, the Champion.

Please format your entry as follows, using the book title for your pick (decipherable abbreviations are perfectly fine):

Round 1 Winners
The Sense of an Ending, Salvage the Bones, 1Q84, The Tiger’s Wife, State of Wonder, Swamplandia!, Green Girl, The Art of Fielding

Round 2 Winners
Salvage the Bones, The Tiger’s Wife, State of Wonder, The Art of Fielding

Round 3 Winners and Zombies
The Tiger’s Wife, The Art of Fielding, The Sense of an Ending, Open City

Zombie Round Winners (Finalists)
The Tiger’s Wife, The Art of Fielding

The Tiger’s Wife

Winning Votes

The above are only example picks. I will post my predictions, ineligible for anything but pride, of course, on March 3. (I want to read a few more contenders before I commit.)

Points will be awarded as follows:
Each correct 1st Round pick – 1 point
Each correct 2nd Round pick – 2 points
Each correct 3rd Round/Zombie pick – 2 points
Each correct Zombie Round pick – 4 points
Correct pick of Winner – 8 points
Total Possible Points = 40

Please note: You will receive points for your Round 3/Zombie picks even if your “Zombie” pick actually turns out to be a Round 3 winner or vice versa. In other words, I will simply pool your Round 3 and Zombie picks and award points if your pick makes it into that section of the bracket.

All points will be totaled. The highest score wins.

Finally, as a tie-breaker, guess how many votes out of a possible 17 the winner will receive. (Your answer should be a number from 9-17, obviously.)

If there is still a tie, the earliest entry wins.

Other Info:

I will make every effort to provide reasonable updates on the scoring. The timeliness of the updates, as the chances of winning, depend on the number of entries.

For complete rules of the official Tournament of Books (which is in no way associated with this contest), please check the official homepage of the Tournament of Books.

I will be posting soon a list with links to reviews of all the contenders (my reviews and other bloggers’ reviews) as well as links to any tournament predictions (which I anticipate The Reading Ape will make again this year, probably at Book Riot).

12 Responses to TOB 2012 Unofficial Contest

  1. Sarah says:

    I am going to hold off until you have put up those links to reviews. And then I am going to try really hard to set down what seems likely to win as opposed to what I think deserves to win. That’s the hard part…

    • Kerry says:

      I see you’ve changed strategies since posting this. There is always that conflict between what I like and what I think other people will like. It is hard.

      Best of luck, though. (And a number of the reviews will be your own.)

  2. Mike Ramberg says:

    Cool. I’ve been sleeping and nearly missed the brackets, but I’m ready to get into this again, time permitting. As the reigning champion I feel obligated to go for the repeat… now to find some time to fill out the brackets.

  3. Jennifer D. says:

    Hi Kerry! Thanks for the message – I am glad to be back participating again this year and definitely appreciated the prompt from you – I was just thinking about this yesterday. 😀

    • Kerry says:

      It is my pleasure. The more entrants, the more enjoyable it is. (And the worse I typically do….but, still, fun to compare picks.)

  4. neighbors73 says:

    I will definitely participate again, and I’ll link up to my reviews, too. I was hoping to squeeze a few more books in, too; however, as I should be writing grade reports this weekend, it’s probably not in the cards. I’ve managed to finish a respectable 11. I’m currently stuck on the white whale of 1Q84.

    I have a few questions—

    1) Does anyone know why the website isn’t *live* yet? It’s still showing last year’s Tourney.

    2) According to the TOB annoucement page, they aren’t starting until the 7th. Does that mean they are skipping the Recap of the opening/closing rounds, etc? I’m sort of bummed about that. I enjoy the days where they’re just talking books without deciding a match.

    3)If they really are starting Wednesday rather than Monday, what does that mean for the dates of all the match ups?

    I feel confused by this new schedule.

    • Kerry says:

      I am happy you’ll be participating and would be thrilled if you’d share links to your reviews. I barely had time to gather the links I did and have no more time this weekend to add go snag them myself. So, it would be great if anyone with reviews I overlooked would link to them in the comments.

      You are ahead of me. I’ve only gotten to 8, so far. State of Wonder is a good story of solid craftsman ship, but not terribly much more. I have only started Salvage the Bones which is good so far.

      Your questions:

      1. It has seemed odd to me too that the website wasn’t *live* yet. Even a “coming March 7” note would be better, it seems to me.

      2 and 3. I have not seen a schedule, so I don’t know what that means for pre-TOB coverage. Pre-TOB coverage is a highlight, so I hope it just means the first matches won’t start until the 8th or 9th or, maybe, that pre-TOB coverage starts Monday but the first match is the 7th. Hard to tell.

      I applaud the early release of the brackets this year. Next year’s organizational improvement should, I think, be the release of a schedule (at least the first week’s schedule) to foster pre-TOB excitement. Half the fun in anything is the anticipation, after all.

  5. itsonlyzach says:

    I am participating for the first time. I am going into the tournament having read half the books, and I plan to read 3 more. Very excited to hear what other book lovers think about the action as it transpires. I’ve definitely erred on the side of picking with my heart instead of my head.

    Good luck everyone, and thanks Kerry for running this contest.

    • Kerry says:

      I have only read about half too and hope to read several more also. It is fun to agree and disagree with other book lovers about which of two books should advance. I applaud the heart over head, it makes the cheering much less conflicted.

      Thanks and good luck!

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