My Favorite Lit-Blog: November 10, 2011

The Shadow Giller Prize Winner has been announced! My TBR grows…

The Giller Prize Winner has been announced.

The formation of the Shadow Man Asian Literary Prize has been announced! The Shadow Jury is made up of the wonderful bloggers: Whispering Gums, ANZ LitLovers, Winston’s Dad, Read,Ramble, and A Novel Approach.

As if I need more reasons to read The Sense of an Ending, the excellent review by Tony’s Book World fairly demands I go read it right now.

Australia’s National Year of Reading (via ANZ LitLovers LitBlog): A search for eight books “that together paint a picture of the Australian people and the land [they] live in.” This dovetails well with my plan to start in on some too-long neglected (by me) Australian writers. My selections will come from blogger friends, but this whets my appetite.

Geoff Dyer’s Footnotes are Worth Reading (Times Flow Stemmed excerpts the Paris Review)

Steph of Steph & Tony Investigates has a review of David Guterson’s Ed King in BookPage.

Shelf Love gives some to Pnin (“…Nabokov’s wonderful, delightful, lovely novel…”). I love Nabokov and, by extension, everyone who loves Nabokov.

My Rat’s Chance… (Reviews from a Serial Reader)

Song for Night by Chris Abani (Reading Matters adds to my TBR)

More pieces of Woolf.

Reading parties instead of book clubs?

Do It Yourself: Self-Published Authors Take Matters Into Their Own Hands (The Millions)

3 Responses to My Favorite Lit-Blog: November 10, 2011

  1. Love the idea of a reading party … will suggest that to my kids who once bemoaned lack of girl/boy friends saying that the one for them would probably be at behind doors in homes reading!

    BTW Something weird has happened? Your reference to my blog (thanks for the promotion of our Man Asian team) has lost the link? It must have been there before as it came through for me to approve on my blog, which I did, but when I came here to comment I noticed that the link is not in your post now??)

  2. Kerry says:

    I thought reading parties were an interesting and innovative idea too.

    The link is fixed. (I actually had linked to your blog through “Shadow Man Asian Literary Prize”, but to ensure there was an obvious path back to your blog, I linked through “Whispering Gums” too.

    Thanks for alerting me to the issue!

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