My Favorite Lit-Blog Things: October 13, 2011

2nd Annual Ghanian Literature Week scheduled to begin November 14, 2011. (Kinna Reads)

National Book Award Finalists Announced

For Austen lovers: A Book Riot Guide.

For David Foster Wallace lovers: King of the Ghosts (a review/essay on his last book and last class.)

More DFW stuff. This time involving Jeffrey Eugenides’s latest novel (an interview with Eugenides, actually).

Stumbled on this late: “Putting ‘The Help‘ in Historical Context“. (Opinions of a Wolf) This was inspired, in part, by “An Open Statement to the Fans of The Help” by the Association of Black Women Historians.

Public library books for Kindle.

This does it, I will read Patrick McGrath soon.

4 Responses to My Favorite Lit-Blog Things: October 13, 2011

  1. wolfshowl says:

    Thanks so much for the pingback! You’re welcome to join in with us at any point, btw! We have some participants who are only reading one or two of the books from list.

    • Kerry says:

      I am hoping to read at least one of them (and have already read The Book of Night Women). I applaud the project and look forward to the posts, even if I cannot get to one of the books (but fingers crossed).

  2. Sarah says:

    Some powerful material here, Kerry.

    I haven’t read The Pale King yet, and have some reluctance to do so. Reading DFW can make me feel like a one woman cult: not a feeling I relish.

    The new Eudenides’ sounds intriguing, particularly since I am currently trying to read a collection of Umberto Eco essays on semiotics. Whose damn fool idea was that?!

    As for The Help, took your words to heart: never been there, never will!

    • Kerry says:

      Thanks, Sarah.

      I am with you on Eugenides. It does sound intriguing and I am among the fans of Middlesex. (Loved your comment on semiotics.)

      As for The Help, your decision makes me happy.

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