My Favorite Lit-Blog Things: June 23, 2011

“His pale, dignified, unclothed possession: become a tall and very thin greenless nervous system of a frog; probed to life by outside means.” Philip K. Dick writes ribbeting sex scenes….ahahaha…hahahah…ha…umm. Quote excerpted from a nice article at The Millions.

Book rescue in Canada. There must be a better way than burning to deal with 350,000 books collected over a bibliophile’s lifetime. (via The Second Pass)

The Thirty Harshest Author-on-Author Insults in History. (Flavorwire)

If you like such things, maybe you should check out “Hitchens on the Art of the Feud.” (NYT Blog)

Your English is Showing (NYRB)

10 Responses to My Favorite Lit-Blog Things: June 23, 2011

  1. Ouch @ the author insults. Byron on Keats – whoa!! As for Auden on Browning…. what’s with the poets being incredibly harsh? The irony of the Twain on Austen quote is, of course, he says, “every time I read Pride and Prejudice” – if you hate it so much, why do you read it time and again?!

    • Kerry says:

      The poets do seem more caustic than the writers of prose. And, you do have a point about Twain re-reading “Pride and Prejudice” despite it making Twain want to hit Jane’s corpse with her own shin bone.

  2. You’ve been quiet lately and I’ve been away much of May and June. What are you reading these days? (I’ll be reading The Finkler question finally later this year.)

    • Kerry says:


      Thank you or checking in. I had planned to get a post up today, but have not managed that yet. As tomorrow looks unlikely, and Friday too, Saturday is my next shot. So….what have I been reading?

      I am looking forward to posting about Siri Hustvedt’s The Blindfold and an author’s 2010 debut of short stories (E. Thomas Finan’s The Other Side).

      But I am currently reading Saul Bellow’s The Adventures of Augie March. Because it is quite chunky, I am also reading some short stories from a recently published collection (various artists) and some poems by Sarah Manguso of TOB fame. These not only help break up my reading, but will give me other things to post about given that I am not sure how quickly I will finish Bellow because of constraints on my reading time.

      So, look out Saturday for a new post!

      • I’m Bellowing, too! Hope things are going well at your end. Many cheers, Kevin

      • Kerry says:

        Things are going well, if busy. Thanks for dropping in, Kevin. I enjoy your Bellow posts. I am enjoying Augie March and now you have me wanting to push on to Herzog. Those are some great quotes. And you are, or Bellow is, so right about the wiliness of ideas. They so often sneak in and convince us they are our own.

  3. Thanks for responding – you are one of my favourite litbloggers so I like to know what you are doing! I do know how life gets in the way – and you’re not retired with an empty nest like I am (at least I don’t believe you are!).

    I read Augie March many years ago. It’s my only Bellow and I did like it … I can’t read a lot of picaresque style writing but Bellow did do it well (at least that’s what I recollect). I will certainly watch out for your next post.

    • Kerry says:

      Thank you very much, Whispering. I apologize for the delay checking comments too. I am neither retired nor empty-nested (to coin a crappy adjective). So, life does sometimes impinge on what I really want to have time to do.

      I was sold on Bellow by Seize the Day which, I think, Kevin from Canada and John Self at the Asylum had either both reviewed or one had reviewed and the other commented favorably. In any case, they get credit for my finally picking up Bellow. A great thing about Seize the Day is that it is nearly a novella. This one, as you know from reading it, is much longer and builds very slowly, though pleasingly.

      I’ve been checking in on my favorite bloggers as much as I feel able, and you are definitely a favorite. I’ve been reading as much as I have time to of your Mendelawitz / Dickens’ Australia posts. Fascinating stuff and I look forward to next week when I expect to have a bit of time to re-read the posts with a bit more care.

      Thanks again for checking in. I appreciate it very much.

  4. Kinna says:

    Hey, just wondering how you are doing.

    • Kerry says:

      My sincerest apologies for missing this comment. I have been reading your blog, but not paying sufficient to my own. I am doing well, I have been reading some excellent books, and I plan to resume regular posting on September 6th. I should have made an announcement.

      But please forgive me for failing to see your very kind inquiry. You are a favorite blogger of mine and I am quite annoyed with myself for somehow missing this.

      Based on the posts at your excellent blog, it appears that all is well with you. I sincerely hope so. Thank you again for checking on me.

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