Unofficial ToB 2011 Contest: Pre-Zombie Round Leaderboard Update

Current Leaderboard:

1. (19/24) Mike
2. (18/24) Jim
3. (17/24) Jed
4. (tie) (15/24) Christy, David, Jeremy, and Kathryn
7. (tie) (14/24) Darren, Greg
10. (tie) (13/24) Amy, Meagan, Susan, and The Reading Ape

My preferred winner of Zombie Match One (Freedom v. Room): Freedom [Edit: I meant Freedom, but typed Room. Hmmm.]

I do not have great reasons for this as Room is laying on the table waiting for me to finish Skippy Dies. However, based on others’ opinions, I do not expect great things from Room. Freedom sounds more ambitious and more accomplished. It definitely has its faults, but I expect and prefer a Goon vs. Freedom rematch.

6 Responses to Unofficial ToB 2011 Contest: Pre-Zombie Round Leaderboard Update

  1. Don’t be swayed. Room is fantastic. It’s not perfect, but it is wonderfully harrowing.

  2. Jim says:

    I also loved Room, but I suspect that if the voice doesn’t work for you within 10 or so pages, it’s gonna be a pretty painful run to the end! I wouldn’t mind Room vs. Goon Squad. They were my two favorite reads last year. I’d actually say that though it’s a “smaller” novel, Room is both more daring and more successful than Freedom. Franzen’s new one felt so much more flawed and less perceptive than The Corrections, which I continue to adore. It doesn’t help that I went in expecting brilliance, but I was really let down.

    And my congrats to Mike for knocking me from my two or so day run at the top of the leader board. ūüôā I expect to plummet now that my two picks for the finalists are actually pitted against each other in the zombie round. Oopsies! At least I know I’ll get ONE finalist right!

  3. When you’ve read it, I’ve written a defense of sorts of the second half of the book, which seems to be what people struggle with most:

  4. Mike Ramberg says:

    I’m the leader? Whoo-hoo! I have a chance – could it be the only book I ‘d read when the tourney starts is the one that wins it all? It’s not the reason I picked it, but how lucky is that?

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