Unofficial ToB 2011 Contest: End of Round 2 Leaderboard Update

Current Leaderboard:

1. (12/16) Jim
2. (11/16) Christy, Jed, Mike, Susan,
3. (9/16) Amy, David, Jeremy, Kathryn, Kevin from Canada, Lawrence, Matt, Meagan, and The Reading Ape.

Kevin from Canada, Mike, Tim, and Susan are the only four to correctly pick The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake and three of the four are rewarded with a spot on the leaderboard. Tim is just back at seven. Congratulations to the leaders. There are still over half the available contest points left to go (a perfect score would be 40/40), so leaders can become losers and vice versa.

My predicted winner of Semifinals Match One: A Visit From the Goon Squad

Contest Entrants’ Choices: 63% Freedom vs. 71% A Visit From the Goon Squad (these numbers add to well over 100% because many chose both to make it to the Zombie Round and I learned from Florida how difficult it can be to try to determine voter intent)

A Visit From the Goon Squad should be declared the winner. Where Egan’s work is lean, Freedom is flabby. Where Franzen tries to be profound, Goon Squad is. Neither is perfect, but A Visit From the Goon Squad is more perfect. It should win and the percentages (which have generally shown the wisdom of this crowd to be lacking) suggest it will.

6 Responses to Unofficial ToB 2011 Contest: End of Round 2 Leaderboard Update

  1. Well, it is nice to make a final appearance on the leaderboard even if it is for a book that I have neither read nor intend to read.

    From now on, I will be watching the leaders disappear into the distance. I’m afraid the tastes of this year’s judges and mine don’t coincide very much at all. Which in no way detracts from the fun of reading the decision and following comments.

    • Kerry says:

      At least you had your picture in yellow once upon a time. I think sometimes results (and commentary) with which I disagree are more fun. It is no fun to be right all the time, let me tell you.

      The judging has been great so far, even when I disagree. And the commentary is routinely excellent.

  2. Mike Ramberg says:

    I feel good at number two, but I’m not confident I’ll withstand the washing machine of zombie rounds. As long as Goon Squad keeps winning I’m safe. Thanks for the contest – it’s been fun.

    • Jim says:

      Mike, I feel like you’re probably going to overtake me soon. I’ve been doing well so far, but I fear that in backing Freedom all the way, I maybe have bet on the wrong horse. If Goon Squad takes Freedom out and it doesn’t make it as a zombie pick (which I don’t think it would), things are about to go way downhill for me. Whatever happens, I’ll be happy to have been at the top once or twice. 🙂 Mostly because I’m usually TERRIBLE at any sort of Oscar pool or brackets!

  3. Jennifer D. says:

    This had been quite the interesting tournament, so far. The view from the bottom is…one of awe as I peer up at those with better prediction skills than I possess. I don’t even thing a life preserver would help me now! 😀

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