Unofficial ToB 2011 Contest: Match 2, Round 2 Leaderboard Update

Current Leaderboard:

1. (11/12) Christy
2. (10/12) Jim
3. (9/12) Amy, David, Jed, Jeremy, Kathryn, Laura, Meagan, Mike, and The Reading Ape.

A baker’s dozen have either seven or eight points which leaves them within striking distance. Those of us with six and fewer are looking like longer and longer shots. The next two matches will likely shake things up significantly.

My predicted winner of Match Two of Round Two: Nox

Contest Entrants’ Choices: 18% Next vs. 11% Nox (of the novels chosen to advance past the second round, these were third and fourth, respectively, out of four)

I am predicting Nox because, based on reviews, it is successful whereaas Next, based on my reading, is not. My view that it is not a success is based largely on the ending against which I had an almost viscerally negative reaction. I did not like anything about it, other than that I almost always applaud when the ending is not “happy”. That is my pick, my prediction. However, Next was picked to win more often at every stage of the ToB except the Finals. Only one person chose Nox for the title. No one chose Next. Next is the smart money, Nox is mine.


6 Responses to Unofficial ToB 2011 Contest: Match 2, Round 2 Leaderboard Update

  1. Christy says:

    I picked Nox too so I hope you’re right!

    Wasn’t the judging and the commentary today so smart? I loved it.

    • Kerry says:

      The judging in Match 2 was outstanding. The commentary is always excellent, but I thought the Elif Batuman di an extraordinary job, even for ToB judges.

      Sorry I was wrong about Nox. I haven’t read it, but I had a very poor reaction to Next.

  2. Jennifer D. says:

    It was a good analysis today, I agree Christy. I have no idea where I stand with my picks for the TOB. I am still stumbling after Freedom‘s win over Room. (My Canadian pride is slightly wounded!)


    • Kerry says:

      Thanks for chiming in Jennifer. Also, you are at 5 points and will be at the end of Round 2 no matter what happens tomorrow.

      You are looking good to correctly pick three of the four books that will make it into the Zombie Round. (If Skippy and the Goon/Freedom loser get the Zombie call.) However, with So Much For That doubly dead, a win may already be mathematically impossible. Sorry. 😦

      • Jennifer D. says:

        Oh, mathematically impossible is exactly right, Kerry. 😀 It’s all good fun though and I am happy you are running this pool!

      • Kerry says:

        If it is any consolation, where I able to enter my own contest, I’d have already been eliminated from contention too.

        I am happy you entered. And, remember, there is always next year…..

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