Unofficial ToB Contest: Match 1, Round 2 Leaderboard Update

Current Leaderboard:

1. (9/10) Christy
2. (8/10) Jim
3. (7/10) Amy, David, Jed, Jeremy, Kathryn, Kevin from Canada, Laura, Lawrence, Matthew, Meagan, Mike, and The Reading Ape.

My predicted winner of Match Two of Round Two: A Visit From the Goon Squad

Contest Entrants’ Choices: 58% A Visit From the Goon Squad vs. 3% The Finkler Question (37% of entrants picked Skippy Dies to advance out of this bracket)

Based on these percentages and the reviews I have read, it seems a near certainty that Goon Squad will advance here. But, if you follow college basketball too, the association of March with madness has at least anecdotal support. Anyone can win.


5 Responses to Unofficial ToB Contest: Match 1, Round 2 Leaderboard Update

  1. Christy says:

    I haven’t been following for the past few days. Thrilled to see I’m atop the leader board. This is looking much better than my March Madness bracket which looks horrendous. Sweet!

    • Kerry says:

      Congratulations! There is a long way still to go, but it is gratifying being at the top even for awhile. Both of my brackets look pretty awful. The good news for both is that the Southeast brackets are completely busted for most everyone. Nox is looking like VCU: some people thought they shouldn’t even be in the tournament, but they are winning.

  2. Jennifer D. says:

    Och!! Dang Franzen and his dang Freedom! (ha-ha)

  3. Of course, six months ago I felt it was a near certainty that The Finkler Question would not win the Booker. The contest is interesting — both novels have their passionate supporters and both have their share of detractors (I, of course, am in the latter category with both novels).

    • Kerry says:

      Very true, Kevin. I have not seen as many supporters of The Finkler Question as of the A Visit From the Goon Squad. I also think Finkler has much higher negatives. But, as always, it all depends on the judge.

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