Unofficial ToB Contest: Round 1, Match 8 Preview

Current Leaderboard:

1. (6/7) Christy, Jim
2. (5/7) Amy, David, Kathryn, Laura, Meagan, and The Reading Ape.

A second upset (my error yesterday, Next was the higher seed) leaves no one perfect and tightens the field considerably. In addition to a two-way tie at first and a six-way battle for the 3rd-8th spots, sixteen (16) contestants are tied for the 9th spot. A near-consensus among the leaders leaves plenty of room for those with 4 or fewer points to gain ground if either Freedom or A Visit From the Goon Squad fails to advance out of the second round.

My predicted winner of tomorrow’s match: Bloodroot

Contest Entrants’ Choices: 55% The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake vs. 45% Bloodroot

Contestants were nearly evenly split among these two books with very similar themes. A bare majority went with the innovative premise of The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake over evocative mountain setting of Bloodroot. I found the atmospherics and the complex structure of Bloodroot more engaging than the nicely written but, for me, somewhat bland Lemon Cake. As with Next vs. So Much For That, I cannot see either of these books making a serious run at the Rooster. Bloodroot should advance tomorrow.


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