Unofficial ToB Contest: Round 1, Match 6 Preview

Current Leaderboard:

The Tournament’s first upset whittles the lead pack down to a frisky five: Amy, Christy, David, Meagan, and The Reading Ape. Congratulations! Amy gets the jersey for entering soonest.

The predicted winner of tomorrow’s match: So Much For That

Contest Entrants’ Choices: 65% So Much For That vs. 35% Next

At almost every stage of the bracket, entrants chose So Much For That twice as often Next. The only exception is at the Championship stage where no one chose Next, so ratios are impossible. This is fitting. So Much For That engages a broader world, if pedagogically sometimes, where Next never really tries to escape its protagonist’s limited worldview. And the ending of Next felt utterly unconvincing to me. So Much For That is twice the book Next tries to be. Despite entrants being slightly more likely to pick the upset in tomorrow’s match than they were in today’s match, the winner of tomorrow’s match should be more certain.


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