Unofficial ToB Contest: Round 1, Match 5 Preview

Current Leaderboard:

The lead pack is down to twelve. You probably know who you are, but Kathryn gets the yellow jersey for being an early entrant. If the second half of the first round does not generate more surprises, surely the next round will.

The predicted winner of Monday’s match: Lord of Misrule

Contest Entrants’ Choices: 70% Lord of Misrule vs. 30% Nox

I have not yet read either of these, though I hope to knock Lord of Misrule out before Monday. So far, there have been no upsets and, while I would have liked Nox as a Cinderella pick against The Finkler Question, So Much For That, Super Sad True Love Story, or The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake, Lord of Misrule has the personality, despite a top seed, of an underdog. It is not, in other words, a book a judge will enjoy knocking off a pedestal because it has no pedestal. Nox could hardly have drawn a worse first round opponent. Conversely, Nox is capable of upsetting any other book. Monday’s match should be interesting.


6 Responses to Unofficial ToB Contest: Round 1, Match 5 Preview

  1. Amy says:

    Lord of Misrule did win the National Book Award and was an Amazon best book of the month in December. I realize that’s not a huge pedestal. I read Nox, and I tried really hard to read Misrule–made it halfway through before I gave up. I don’t know a thing about horseracing, and I felt she didn’t do much to explain it to me, so entire sets of dialogue made no sense. I’m rooting for Nox.

    • Kerry says:

      Lord of Misrule has had some awards, but the impression I get is that it is still viewed as something of an overachiever. It was a bit of a surprise winner at the NBAs and, I think, no one expects any more awards for it. I suppose this could work against it too, especially if the judge reacted to it in much the way you have. I am looking forward to finding out on which side of the fence I fall.

  2. Sarah says:

    Having not read any of the books on the list, Nox is the one that appeals the most. At least on the strength of the reviews I have read.

    On the other hand, if it loses I retain my impressive record of consistently wrong picks!

    • Kerry says:

      I like the idea of Lord of Misrule and I would like to see Nox win at least one match. In other words, I am conflicted.

      As for your picks, you are perfect in your own way, Sarah.

  3. Mike Ramberg says:

    I think I’m hanging in there with the leaders! I agree about Skippy needing to be separated from Goon Squad. Though I haven’t read either Nox or Misrule, it looks likes two spoilers against each other, another unfortunate pairing.

    Check my blog for my own commentary.

    • Kerry says:


      You are one of the 4-for-4 leaders. The two matchups you mentions are, to me, the least to my liking. But, all the rest actually worked out well which makes me suspect that’s how they ended here.

      Enjoyed your commentary, looking forward to the next round.


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