Unofficial ToB Contest: Round 1, Match 2

The predicted winner of todaytomorrow’s match: Room

Contest Entrants’ Choices: 85% Room vs. 15% Bad Marie

My own pick for this match is Bad Marie. I read Bad Marie; I liked it. I have not yet read Room; I am not sure I will like it. Bad Marie has an atmospheric quality that makes the reader a willing accomplice in the ill-considered capers of Marie. Despite the world-crumbling feeling of the novel, the story is always fun. Marie is a nicely original character and the author wisely heartless enough to remain true to her star’s tragic flaw. Undeterred by the lopsided picks by contest entrants or by the protagonist’s poor judgment, I hold out hope for Bad Marie.


4 Responses to Unofficial ToB Contest: Round 1, Match 2

  1. Kerry: You should read Room (and that advice comes from someone who found it wanting). A father’s perspective on the novel would be welcome.

    • Kerry says:

      I do plan to. It is in the queue. I am assuming it will make it deep in the Tournament (by merit or vote), so I have been saving it until the end of my ToB reading. I will read it.

  2. JW says:

    I’m a father with a son Jack’s age and I adored Room. True, it’s not the perfect novel, but what is? Jennifer Weiner’s take on it today was about right. I particularly enjoyed her comments about the critical response to children in books at the end of her review.

    • Kerry says:

      With Room coming up for me soon, I am encouraged to hear you enjoyed it. I thought Jennifer Weiner’s decision was a very good one. She pointed out some real flaws with Bad Marie, while acknowledging its strengths. In the end, as with Kapitoil and Freedom, life is not Hoosiers. Heavy favorites usually win because they usually become favorites through merit. Such was the case here.

      I do agree that Jennifer Weiner made good points about the critical response to children in books. The fact is they are a huge part of life and their appearance as major characters in a literary work should not be taken as an indicator of lack of seriousness.

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