My Favorite Lit-Blog Things: December 24, 2010

If I am not careful, this is going to seem like a lovefest for The Reading Ape. But he has several posts up that are my favorites of the week.

The 2011 Tournament of Books: Handicapping the Field (The Reading Ape) – This ties in with my own plans to run another ToB-related contest this year. And I always enjoy talking about the ToB.

Best Books of 2011: Looking Ahead (The Reading Ape)

Funny The Reading Ape should mention David Foster Wallace, because Slate has a long piece on “the philosophical underpinnings of David Foster Wallace’s fiction

John Self of The Asylum has released his yearly “12 From the Shelves: My Books of 2010“.

The sci-fi novelist who started a religion and why it worked. (The New Humanist)

And that’s going to be it for this week. It’s Christmastime, after all. Please, go have yourselves a very merry one. If you must have more, I will have a review up on Tuesday.


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