My Favorite Lit-Blog Things: December 17, 2010

First, some great Best of 2010 lists:

Kevin from Canada

The Mookse and the Gripes

Tony’s Book World

The 13 Most Underrated Books of 2010 (part of The Millions: A Year in Reading)

Maud Newton

Times Flow Stemmed

Aside from awesome “best of” lists, there are posts like these:

A Commonplace Blog says “No on Vonnegut

Colin Marshall gives us: Consciousness on the Page: A Primer on the Novels of Nicholson Baker (The Millions)

Interpolations complements Marshall’s article with not one but two pieces on Baker’s The Mezzanine.

Laila Lalami marks the end of her “Year of Silence” with an introduction to “Moroccan writer and critic Abdelfattah Kilito.”

I cannot read it, but you can: “Bend it Like Nabokov, i.e. Sinisterly (Part I)” (there are spoilers and Bend Sinister is on my TBR shortlist).

Reading Matters is making me jealous with all sorts of posts on Chinese bookshops, Chinese-Canadian authors, and such. Good stuff.

The Fiction Desk enters the publishing fray with a quarterly anthology of short stories.

The Tournament Of Books has announced its longlist for 2011 (and has put out a call for a Reader-Judge, entries must be in by December 19th).


2 Responses to My Favorite Lit-Blog Things: December 17, 2010

  1. Matt Rowan says:

    Kerry, do let me know when you get to “Bend Sinister.” I’m extremely curious to read others’ thoughts of it, and yours in particular. To give very little away, imagine if the Three Stooges were vicious totalitarians running a country, and you get a clear sense of the Ekwilist Party’s defining ethos. Happy reading and holidays!


    • Kerry says:

      Thanks, Matt!

      I definitely will let you know what I think about Bend Sinister. If I don’t get to it before the TOB Shortlist comes out in early January, I won’t get to it until April or May. But I will get to it by the close of 2011.

      Interesting capsule summary.

      Happy reading and holidays to you as well!


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