My Favorite Lit-Blog Things: September 2, 2010

Tough Love: A Review of Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom (The Millions)

The Tolstoy of the Internet Era (Slate reviewing Franzen’s Freedom)

Peace and War (The New York Times)

And Ron Charles pans it in the Post.

I’ve only skimmed the first paragraph or two of the Franzen reviews in an effort to try to retain some mystery upon cracking it myself. I link because I am eager to get to it and assume you are curious about it too. It seems to be getting mostly positive reviews, but, then, people gushed about The Corrections and I thought that was a seriously flawed book. And for a story on the hype rather than a review of the novel:

A Novel is All the Rage Even Before It Is Sold (New York Times)

Book that probably won’t be making it onto the TBR: A Novel in Three Days

Does Your Language Shape How You Think? (NY Times via Arts & Letters Daily)

The fascinating disagreement between Kevin from Canada and John Self at The Asylum regarding Booker-contender The Finkler Question. (read the comments).

All is not dissension, however, as reviewers seem to agree Damon Galgut’s longlister is excellent. Mookse and the Gripes being the most recent example from my blogroll.

Against Creative Writing

Holidays and Kindles

McCarthy Hype (“You can no more ignore Joyce than you can Darwin. If you ignore Darwin, you’re a creationist, and this is where I think the bulk of “commercial”, “middlebrow” or whatever you want to call the mainstream, British novel is now: back in the 19th century”)

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