My Favorite Lit-Blog Things: August 19, 2010

[Uh, I scheduled this to post automatically this morning, but never added new items. I did have them waiting. I didn’t put them in the post. My bad? My bad! My bad.]

Ethan Frome: Excellently reviewed by Sasha & the Silverfish and A Rat in the Book Pile and Interpolations [oops, not yet, maybe later]. A fantastic novella. Perfection, as I recall.

Jack London’s Dark Side (Slate)

Symptoms of the Textually Diseased (The Reading Ape)

Who actually spent the time to count?: List of films that most frequently use the word “fuck” (Wikipedia)

Writing from Hungary: An Introduction (Words Without Borders)

5 Responses to My Favorite Lit-Blog Things: August 19, 2010

  1. Ha! Thanks for the would-be nod. Not yet, indeed. The House of Mirth, next. One of the greatest books I’ve ever read. So enjoyable. Cheers, K

  2. Sarah says:

    Was the strike through added later? I’m sure it wasn’t there to start with: I was all set to go haring off to Interpolations…

    But this all sounds very ungrateful! Thank you for the shout out, and if Kevin does review Ethan Frome at a later stage, I will be there.

  3. Kerry says:


    I will be looking forward to the Wharton post, though I got the book wrong. Sorry about that.


    The strike through was added later because I knew Kevin was reading Wharton and I wrongly assumed (when I was drafting the first item to my list) that the book was Ethan Frome. I put Interpolations but no link to remind myself to go look for the link before posting. But I also forgot that I set the autopost option and did not get back to the post before the autopost date, it posted with my “Interpolations” placeholder which I would/should have removed.

    The positive spin: Through these comments, we get an early teaser for Kevin upcoming post on The House of Mirth.

    I will try not to goof like that in the future, but no guarantees.

    • Actually, I’m on a Wharton tear right now. I finished The House of Mirth and, honestly, struggled before as before something beautiful and mysterious and incomprehensible. I can’t stop thinking about it. Have you read it? I’ll check your archives… K

  4. Lovely selection as usual Kerry. Kevin, I am an Edith Wharton fan and have, by now, commented on your HoM post. I’ve read about 6 of her books and House of Mirth and The custom of the countyr are favourites BUT my intro was Ethan Frome and I loved it. Great novella as you say Kerry.

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