Teaser or My Excuse for Delaying a Post

Tomorrow, I hope, I will post my thoughts on David Mitchell’s The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet. In the meantime, (as if you have nothing else to do if I delay a post for a day) please enjoy these David Mitchell interviews:

Barnes and Noble interviews David Mitchell.

John Self interviews interviews David Mitchell (curiously, says that historical writers are always in danger of writing bad sentences like this: “’Shall I light the room with the whale oil lantern, Madam, or will it be the pig tallow candles tonight?’” but very early in this novel, writes: “The old whale-oil lantern sways and hisses.” Okay, the second is better, but…)

The Bat Segundo Show: You really should check out The Bat Segundo Show whenever you want an interview. He is entertaining and manages to spark some interesting comments. Plus, the name of his show is borrowed from Mitchell’s Ghostwritten.

2 Responses to Teaser or My Excuse for Delaying a Post

  1. I apologise in advance for not reading your review tomorrow – I will save reading it until I read the novel myself in a couple of months. OK? Just so you know I’m not ignoring you!

  2. Kerry says:

    Great idea, whispering, because (a) my delay was longer than I thought and (b) my post is full of spoilers. I look forward to your thoughts!

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