My Favorite Lit-Blog Things: August 4th (uh, 5th), 2010

For the book voyeur in you. (via Second Pass)

oh god, the pomposity” (Second Pass, take two)

Jane Austen’s Fight Club” (via book-a-rama)

A not particularly convincing examination of “Experimental Fiction: is it making a comeback?

How to Market a Novel (VQR)

The street tries to find its own uses for things (Pechorin’s Journal) (And here is how bad my TBR is: I have reserved from the library the three books in William Gibon’s trilogy for April, May, and June of 2011.)

Forget Fiction? (The Reading Experience)

And: Happy Birthday, Sarah! Kudos for breaking the birthday-book-buying-ban. No, I won’t say that X times fast (where X>1).

4 Responses to My Favorite Lit-Blog Things: August 4th (uh, 5th), 2010

  1. Sarah says:

    Book voyeur? What’s that then? Having checked it out discover that it is not as exciting as you might expect, provoking severe book envy!

    Enjoyed the account of marginalia from beyond the grave. Like the idea of marginalia in theory, but in practice am always disappointed. The marginalia-ist often seems as confused as I.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, and the extended alliteration. What is it about alliteration? Reading some worse than usual Ulysses earlier today, and thinking ‘but I quite like the alliteration…’ as if that makes up for the apparently pointless hoops I am jumping through.

  2. Kerry says:

    Yes, the book voyeur bit is not as tantalizing as it is hypnotizing. Random book purchases popping up on the screen does, however, keep me watching for longer than it should. But then, I always want to see the title of a book someone on the subway/park bench/cafe table/etc. is reading.

    You are very welcome for the birthday wishes! But don’t frighten me away from Joyce…heh.

  3. Lisa Hill says:

    Thanks for the link about experimental fiction – the argument in comments is almost as entertaining as the blog post LOL

  4. Kerry says:


    Happy to oblige…and the argument is quite entertaining.

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