My Favorite Lit-Blog Things: July 8th, 2010

The Clock at the Biltmore: 2010 Mid-Year Round-Up” – The Mookse and the Gripes (this is a mid-year summary of his excellent coverage of short fiction in the New Yorker).

The New York Trilogy by Paul Auster reviewed by Sasha & The Silverfish

The Floating Library” – James Wood (in The New Yorker; praising David Mitchell)

And more reviews of David Mitchell’s latest, because I am eager to read it, I am enthralled with his genius, and everyone else has gotten to it first:

John Self’s Asylum (“Each scene is a small perfection of detail and narrative payoff, and what is remarkable is how Mitchell achieves the sense of immersion while keeping his details spare and unobtrusive.”)

Interpolations (perhaps describing some of those same details: “Like a prolapsed arm jutting out rudely between labial narrative folds.”)

The Mookse and The Gripes (“I think Mitchell’s work is much more interesting when he takes that omniscience out of the formula and allows the intimacies of one human mind to suggest what’s going on…”)

*Apologetic Note: If you have noticed, I have been slow to post. There are a variety of factors, none of which include that I have no completed yet unposted-upon books (“unposted-upon” is a word), which conspired to prevent a post so far this week or last. I would hope someone occasionally visits expecting a new post and, therefore, my apologies for whatever disappointment my failure to post has caused. I will have a review up sometime before Monday and, hopefully, will resume regular posting next week.

4 Responses to My Favorite Lit-Blog Things: July 8th, 2010

  1. Funny you should say that. I subscribe by email and was just thinking yesterday, as I looked at my blogs folder, that you were conspicuous by your absence (see, I can use cliches like the best of them!). I look forward to seeing something from you in a few days.

    And I do like the quotes you’ve used from reviews on Mitchell’s latest – which I won’t be reading until October. I’m particularly interested in TMATG’s comment about omniscience and the intimacies of the human mind. Omniscience can be very effective (take Jane Austen for example), but I do enjoy the closer intimacies of more subjective POVs.

  2. Lija says:

    Welcome back!

    I also get nervous when I don’t post often enough, but then I realized that with my favourite blogs, I don’t really mind if there’s a bit of time between postings. People gotta do what they gotta do, right? And getting stressed about producing something takes all the fun out of blogging.

  3. Well said, Lija. Why didn’t I say that? I made minimal posts on my own blog for several days in early to mid June … and people seemed to survive without my words of wisdom!!

  4. Kerry says:

    Thanks, guys.

    People do have to do what they have to do, unless they don’t and then bad things happen and misery comes to stay. So, I will definitely try not to stress about my occasional absences. I hope no one else does either. Of course, I hope they don’t completely forget about me…

    I think reading those reviews about The Thousand Autumns together is excellent. It lowers expectations. A very good thing if, like me, you have only recently read or are reading Cloud Atlas. I want to hear the man is mortal.

    I like how people took away sometimes conflicting impressions. Great stuff. I won’t be getting to it for awhile, so I will be reading all the reviews with interest. Ordinarily, I might want to stay away from reviews before reading (if I have already decided to read the book), but not this time, not with this book.

    Anyway, thanks again for noticing!

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