My Favorite Lit-Blog Things: June 17, 2010

Questionnaire of Reading Habits: Part 1” – A Guy’s Moleskine Notebook

Why Leopold Bloom? Why Bloomsday?” – Blog U (Inside Higher Ed). That does it. The time is now. Well, within a few weeks of now. Ulysses comes off the shelf.

Shame on me for not mentioning it sooner, but another cookie crumbles has moved from WordPress to a self-hosted site. Congrats, uncertain principles!

The New Yorker’s “20 Under 40

The Reading Experience discusses Dewey and his views on literary criticism in a series of posts, the most recent is “Perfecting the Power to Perceive“.

Who’s watching you read (and other readerly things)?” – Whispering Gums (great comments)

The Color of Roth, or a Boy’s Mischief” – Interpolations

Six Links of Separation: => Shelf Love => things mean a lot => Giraffe Days => Coffee Stained Pages => The Book Smugglers => Empty Your Heart of Its Mortal Dream (latest review: The Bloody Chamber)


4 Responses to My Favorite Lit-Blog Things: June 17, 2010

  1. Thanks again for the link…there were some good comments on that post weren’t there? I am behind in blog reading and commenting as I’ve been on holidays (vacation) for the last ten days in the top end of Australia. At the airport now so hope to put in some concentrated catching up over the next couple of days. (I want to read your Siri Hustvedt post as she’s a writer I have yet to read but is in my radar).

  2. Kerry says:

    Yes, I did really enjoy those comments. I love when a blogger sparks an interesting conversation. Plus, I absolutely love trying to determine what other people are reading (but try not to be obvious or intrusive in doing so) and would generally be pleased to lift the cover of my book to let people see what I am reading.

    As you will see from the comments to that post, Tony highly recommends the work. I thought it was written outstandingly well, but it and I did not click to the point I would call it great. Hustvedt is as talented as currently working author I have recently read, but something about her subject did not grip me. At the same time, it only seems to get better in memory, so maybe by the end of the year it will be one of my favorites.

    Anyway, thanks for the comment and I hope you enjoy the review even if don’t ultimately choose that Hustvedt to start.

    And welcome back! Your vacation (top end of Australia) sounds awesome.

  3. As you will have read by now, I’ve read the comments. I did enjoy your review – it didn’t put me off Hustvedt but made me wonder which one I should start with.

  4. Kerry says:

    I think Tony enjoyed Blindfold even more than What I Loved, so that is probably one to consider as an entry point. I know precious little else to be of any help in selecting the best Hustvedt with which to start.

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