My Favorite Lit-Blog Things: June 3, 2010

David Mitchell selects…his favorite novels. (a great list via John Self’s excellent interview with Mr. Mitchell which is also a favorite)

I am into lists of favorites this week. New York Magazine has an article: “If you liked my book, you’ll love these: Six writers on their favorite reading, genre by genre” (Peter Carey, William Gibson, and four others share)

If your TBR can stand it, Tony’s Book World has more superb ideas for your next book: “Nearly Forgotten Novels from the 1980s that are Exceptionally Good

Or, you could just go on a Dickens binge. Whispering Gums has sparked a slew of commenters with her “Charles Dickens, On travel.”

It’s no crime to be funny” – Mysteries with humor are what’s “new and challenging” in the crime/thriller genre. (Guardian’s Blog)

I actually had to wonder who these many were: “A. H. Tammsaare was the pseudonym of Anton Hansen, considered by many to be Estonia’s greatest writer.” I know, I know, stupid American. But given my interest in Ukrainian writers and Soviet literature generally, this translation sounds quite enticing to me. I still find the “considered by many” to be funny. (Three Percent)

“Translation has never been higher profile” – (Two Words)

Six Degrees of Links: Finslippy (via Mookse and The Gripes => Bookie Woogie => Chicken Nugget Lemon Tooty => Illustration Friday (Blog) => Melanie Ford Wilson => Finslippy)

One Response to My Favorite Lit-Blog Things: June 3, 2010

  1. I always enjoy your Favourite Lit Blog things – and what a thrill to find me mentioned this week. Thanks a bunch!

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