TLC Book Tours: Legend of a Suicide

I have accepted an invitation to be part of TLC Book Tour event for David Vann’s Legend of a Suicide. I have never reviewed a book on demand before, unless my sig-other’s request for a Girl with the Dragon Tattoo counts. I am not positive I will again. However, I was happy to take part in this Tour because the book is well worth the read.

I am on tap for Tuesday, June 1st. So come back then for my review of David Vann’s latest.

The full Tour schedule, as well as a link to an interview with the author by dovegreyreader, can be found here. I will have my own interview with David Vann at some later date (undetermined as of my writing this post).

So, that is the promo. I hope you enjoy the review. And I do encourage you to check out the other Tour stops. There is a range of reactions to the book. One reviewer could not finish the novella at the heart of the collection due to its graphic intensity.

I will see you on Tuesday.

2 Responses to TLC Book Tours: Legend of a Suicide

  1. Sarah says:

    You may not choose to review on demand again, but it is a well-deserved testament to your perspicacity that you have been asked to do so on this occasion. Congratulations, Kerry!

    Legend of a Suicide is a worthy candidate and I look forward to your thoughts.

  2. Kerry says:

    Thank you, Sarah. I probably should have clicked back over to your review before posting my own. I had actually forgotten that you had reviewed it. I read so many interviews and reviews after writing my own (well before posting) while trying to write semi-original interview questions for David Vann (which should appear on my blog later, hopefully with answers), that I could not remember who wrote what or where.

    That bit about whacking with the hammer stood out for both of us, I see. I would have picked another of the violence against fish scenes had I remembered.

    Putting aside my copying of your excerpts, I really enjoyed your take on the book. I thought of you when reading Vann interviews as he invariably lists McCarthy as one of his favorite writers (along with Marilynne Robinson and Annie Proulx).

    Thanks again, for the compliment, the comment, and the excellent review that I have now revisited.

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