My Favorite Lit-Blog Things: May 29, 2010

The Women Who Would Be King: A Guest Post From Mrs. KFC” – A great blog has improved by the occasional change in tempo provided by Mrs. KFC. This post is quite enjoyable.

What Did Jesus Do?” – The New Yorker

The Rise of Written Author Interviews” – VQR Blog (I will be posting one of these, so found the article interesting. In light of the cut and past issue, I have tried to ask original questions that, hopefully, will produce original answers.)

Bartleby Snopes is an interesting literary magazine that conducts polls to select a story of the month.

This week’s Six Degrees of Separation: Bluestalking (via KevinfromCanada => The Dewey Divas ==> Julia Hedge’s Laces ==> Blogging Woolf)

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