My Favorite Lit-Blog Things: April 30, 2010

Chris Braun shares his favorite one-star Amazon reviews. Oops, wrong Viggo.

Eugene Volokh punningly points out “The Russian Influence on American Law” (the comments are amusing too).

BookFox: “Odd Calls for Submissions

The Future of Publishing: A Writer’s View

On a slightly different tack, Sven Birkert gives us “Reading in a Digital Age” a somewhat lengthy piece in which he tries to explain what novels do for him and why they are the opposite of internet reading. A quote:

“What—I ask it again—what has been the point of my reading? One way for me to try to answer is to ask what I do retain. Honest answer? A distinct tonal memory, a conviction of having been inside an author’s own language world, and along with that some hard-to-pinpoint understanding of his or her psyche.”

The Loitering Presence of the Rational Actor” (via Arts & Letters Daily)

Slate has a good article on “the sharpest, most inventive satirists working“, you know, the creators of South Park. It is a wickedly well-done show, for the most part.


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