TOB 2010 Contest: Grand Prize Winner

Congratulations to Chris of Grand Rapids, Michigan!

With 29 points out of a possible 40, Chris took undisputed first place. Tiebreakers were not a factor. His prize was two books. For his TOB 2010 selection, he chose The Anthologist by Nicholson Baker. The Anthologist was my second favorite of the 16 contenders (Wolf Hall being first) and a book I thoroughly enjoyed. For his Hungry Like the Woolf archives selection, Chris chose Quarantine by Jim Crace. I highly recommend that work. While not particularly fast-paced, it drills deep. And the prose is crafted with elegant beauty.

These are two great choices which I hope Chris will enjoy. (And please come back to let me know what you think of both novels.)

Congratulations, Chris!

The Consolation Prize goes to Kevin From Canada! I assigned a number to all the non-Grand Prize winning entrants (including those who only entered the second chance contest), then the random number generator at selected Kevin’s number.

Kevin has chosen as his prize The Lights of Earth by Gina Berriault. While you will not (yet) find it in my archives, you will find Gina Berriault. Kevin very kindly asked my opinion (The Anthologist or an archives selection). As much as I enjoyed The Anthologist, I immediately thought of recommending Afterwards or The Son, both by Gina Berriault. I wanted to proselytize on behalf of one of the finest authors I have ever read, but The Lights of the Earth is her most exquisite novel. I decided to bend the rules and suggest The Lights of Earth.

For the record, my other suggestions to Kevin were Embers by Sandor Marai (Number 9 on my Best Reads of 2009 List) and The White Guard by Mikhail Bulgakov (which I read prior to 2009 and, for that reason, did not make the best of list). I do not believe he could have gone wrong.

Congratulations, Kevin!

And to everyone else, thank you very much for playing and/or reading along. I hope we can do it again next year.

2 Responses to TOB 2010 Contest: Grand Prize Winner

  1. Thanks for running the contest, Kerry, not to mention the pleasant surprise of the (not a doorstopper) prize. I am looking forward to becoming acquainted with Gina Berriault, an author whom I don’t know.

  2. Kerry says:

    The contest was my pleasure, Kevin. And maybe one of the things I admire about Berriault is how she manages to say so much, so beautifully, in such a few pages. (All of her novels that I have read are well shy of 200 pages.) I am more than a little pleased that I get to return the favor of introducing you to a new author. William Maxwell was a success with me, I hope you enjoy Berriault as much.

    Congratulations, again, on your Second Chance win. I look forward to your thoughts when you do read The Lights of Earth.

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