TOB 2010 Contest: Update #5

After a full two rounds, I have ten points. I have Wolf Hall, my only pick still alive, winning out. If it does, I will end with 24 points. If it does, Lizzy (10) will score at least 26 points (as many as 32), Chris (11) will score at least 25 points (as many as 35), and Christy (13) at least 27 (as many as 33).

There is one other contestant with a shot at the title: Darren (currently with eight points). If McCann wins out, Darren could win with a final score of at least 22 and as much as 24. It is also possible that McCann wins, but Darren loses depending on how the Zombie Round plays out.

So, there are only four contenders, all of whom will easily surpass my score and, thus, will most certainly be eligible to win the Grand Prize. Congratulations in advance.

For everyone else, there is the second chance drawing which will be held after the Grand Prize winner has been determined. I will announce the Grand Prize Winner on April 5, 2010 and the Second Chance Winner on or before April 7, 2010. Good luck to everyone!


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