My 2010 TOB Contest Entry

I was going to wait until I had finished more books, but maybe a post showing my picks will clarify the entry form. Here is my entry:

Round 1 Winners
McCann, Wray, Cotter, Shamsie, Mantel, Baker, James, LaValle

Round 2 Winners
Wray, Shamsie, Mantel, James

Round 3 Winners and Zombies (i.e. “Reader pick 1” and “Reader pick 2”)
Wray, Mantel, Stockett, Atwood

Zombie Round Winners (Finalists)
Wray, Mantel


Tiebreak: 14 out of 17

2 Responses to My 2010 TOB Contest Entry

  1. […] consolation prize. You may enter for that prize either by filling out a bracket as described here (my predictions here) OR by leaving a comment below indicating your wish to be entered for the consolation prize with no […]

  2. […] only read this book after it was eliminated from the Tournament of Books. Its elimination severely bruised my brackets. I did not hold its failure against it, however, but against Andrew Womack who inexplicably picked […]

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