My Favorite Lit-Blog Things: January 6, 2010

KFC uncovers a gem to start 2010.

D.G. Meyers raves about Roth and The Dying Animal in a good way. In his discussion, I realize that there are connections to Camus’ The Fall that I only vaguely recognized when I listened to it last year. Perhaps I should read the thing now, as reading allows much greater focus than listening while driving. A surface similarity is that both first person narrators are talking to a largely anonymous “you”. More deeply, D.G. Myers notes: “In short, The Dying Animal belongs to the same literary class as Lolita, in which a moral monster arraigns himself by means of his own self-defense.” The Fall is perhaps the opposite of that, in which a moral monster redeems himself by means of his own harsh judgment.

Steven Riddle: “I think I say enough when I note that while it hasn’t replaced Yiyun Li’s The Vagrants in my affections, it has certainly risen to thosse heights–heights marked by a desire to reread the book almost immediately to catch what wasn’t caught the first time through.” I will be getting to it within a week, if not days. My appetite is whetted.

I second this: “I will try to stay alive in 2010 if at all possible.

Upon reflection prompted by Sarah, I realize only about one fifth of the books I have read were by authors who happen to be women. Of course, ethnicity was probably even more skewed in my selections. Should I be more conscious of these things?

Maud Newton seconds Colson Whitehead’s suggstion.

If, like me, you have not started in on Bolano, you might want to start with a free copy of Nazi Literature in the Americas.

Check out The New Yorker Fiction Forum, hosted by Trevor of The Mookse and The Gripes.

A scientific take on Kipling’s “Just-So” stories.

It feels equally silly, after all, in the midst of so much textual energy, to imagine we’re on the brink of the death of meaningful reading.

The Naked and the Conflicted

Best of 2009 Links:

Book Bigot

ANZ LitLovers

Pechorin’s Journal



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  1. […] believe in New Year’s resolutions (though I did like one mentioned on Kerry’s blog here, I will to try to stay alive in 2010 if at all possible, that’s a resolution I can get […]

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