My Favorite Lit-Blog Things: December 18, 2009

To spark controversy, there is nothing like documenting “The New Canon”.

ANZ LitLovers Blog is having an Orhan Pamuk giveaway. “My Name is Red” is up on offer…..enter by 5:00pm Australian on December 21st….Australian time?….just enter now!

Plus more excellent end of the year round-ups:

The Mookse and The Gripes – Some Highlights of 2009

Tony’s Book World – Top Ten Best Books He Read in 2009

Shelf Love – Best Books of 2009 *with 75% more categories.

4 Responses to My Favorite Lit-Blog Things: December 18, 2009

  1. Kerry: Given the last few days in your part of the world, I think it is time you picked up a copy of David Park’s The Big Snow. I was watching Monday Night Football telecast from Washington last night (I realize this is an absurd comparison, but bear with me) and some of the pictures from the Mall — particularly the ones that turned the steps into the Lincoln Memorial into a gentle, snowy hill — were like they were from another world. An amazingly peaceful one, which was nice. I can’t help but wonder what the Vietnam War memorial looked like.

  2. Kerry says:


    The Big Snow sounds quite appropriate. Plus, I really enjoyed the one David Park novel I read.

    We had about two feet, which is our biggest snow in many years. I have not been into the city yet, but I suspect the Vietnam Memorial was almost entirely buried. It is below ground level and we had lots of snow plus wind, so I would be surprised if it didn’t drift right over it. The Korean War Memorial (with soldiers trudging through a now snow-covered field) probably looked coldly familiar to those who were there.

    I kept an eye on the game, until it just seemed mean-spirited to laugh at Washington’s incompetence. I am cheering for New Orleans in the NFC (just because it’s a great season for them and I like several of their players, Brees, for instance) and for San Diego overall (because they are my favorite team, so long as they have LT and Philip Rivers). I am generally more loyal to players than to uniforms.

  3. Kerry: My 2000-03 spell in Pittsburgh was long enough to turn me into a lifelong Steelers fan, which has worked well in recent years. Barring a miracle, I think in two weeks I’ll be cheering for San Diego too.

    My guess was that the Viet Nam memorial would be buried. The other one I wondered about is what the FDR memorial would look like — probably too close to reality.

  4. Kerry says:


    Sorry about Pittsburgh. They had a good year going, I don’t really understand what happened.

    By the way, out of curiosity, I Googled for pictures. Here are links to a couple:

    December 21, Vietnam Memorial

    A collection of December 21, Vietnam Memorial

    I had forgotten about the FDR Memorial. I have walked past it before, but thinking of it in the snow lends it new poignancy.

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