My Favorite Lit-Blog Things: December 12, 2009

The Asylum has another excellent review up. If possible, the quality of his reviews is getting even better as he takes a “breather”. As so often, this Asylum pick heads straight to the TBR.

Kevin From Canada has posted his much anticipated (by me at least) “Top Ten of 2009” in time for Christmas shopping. Enjoy.

The Tournament of Books has posted the longlist for its 2010 Tournament. I am tentatively planning to read the contenders and share my thoughts on the matches, but whether I do, you should keep an eye on the TOB. It is the most entertaining literary contest of the year.

Opening Sentences. (Hat tip: A Momentary Taste of Being)

Maud Newton provides a 2009 retrospective. Be sure to click through to James Wood’s 2009 picks.

Laila Lalami recalls an excellent Graham Greene excerpt.

The Caustic Cover Critic provides a second installment of best books of 2009 (not about covers, he helpfully notes). Hugo Wilcken’s The Colony is on the list, moves up the TBR.

Because Tolstoy gave me Anna Karenina, I am a sucker for anyone plugging Tolstoy.

Here is an interesting idea in book publishing/sales. Of course, I think the best blogs manage this without the 20% cut……

There is still time to get in on an Orhan Pamuk giveaway. And Reading Matters is a great place to visit….

2 Responses to My Favorite Lit-Blog Things: December 12, 2009

  1. Sarah says:

    Colony was great! Definitely one of the year’s most enjoyable books for me. I look forward to hearing what you think of it.

    Are you planning to do a round-up of your 2009 reading? I would be interested in your conclusions.

  2. Kerry says:

    I will be doing a roundup, I am trying to sprint to the end of the year with some 2009 publications otherwise my list will be kind of boring. This way I can cheat with a best books I have read this year list and a best books I read this year published this year. Or something like that.

    Thanks for the anticipatory interest!

    I am not sure when I will get to Colony, but I will get to it!

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