My Favorite Lit-Blog Things: September 25, 2009

KfC lays out the plans of the Giller Prize Shadow Jury. I am looking forward their reviews and decision more than the actual prize. Mookse and the Gripes is part of the Giller Prize Shadow Jury and has posted the longlist.

I have enjoyed reading discussions about book blogging and literary criticism. The Denver Bibliophile and A Commonplace Blog contribute and provide further links. To whet your appetite: “It is not the number of ‘organs and venues’ that must be limited, but the number of books. The function of book blogging at the present time should be to establish those limits.”

Max is back at the helm over at Pechorin’s Journal. Welcome back, Max!

Sarah has posted an excellent review of Coetzee’s Disgrace and provoked a number of comments.

Traces answers the question: “Where are the new Sartres and Camus?” He has earned Cees Nooteboom at least one new reader with his excellent review.

Nabokov, Nabokov, Nabokov. I have enjoyed all the handwringing and drama surrounding the master’s last, as yet unpublished, work. Nabokov wanted it burned, but it comes out soon: The Original of Laura.

Reading absurdist literature makes you smarter.


4 Responses to My Favorite Lit-Blog Things: September 25, 2009

  1. […] A couple of bookish articles which I thought worth passing on recently caught my eye. Hopefully creating a precedent for a weekly blog ‘feature.’ I had considered calling it ‘Flakey Friday,’ on the grounds that it would be unlikely to occur once a week, or even on a Friday…but then realised […]

  2. Sarah says:

    Another fine and eclectic mix, Kerry. Thanks for the link, I feel myself to be in exhalted company.

    The discussion about book blogging was very interesting, if a little intimidating. And I am quite sure that some of my recent reading has been ‘absurdist,’ so I have high hopes of the outcome.

    The Nabakov thing is a puzzle. Perhaps a rewarding read only for those who have exhausted his official works, but the hardback book is, from all accounts, a handsome volume…

    [I see that my blog is misbehaving, and has left gibberish instead of a proper trackback. You might like to delete it!]

  3. Kerry says:

    Thanks, Sarah.

    By the way, I edited (rather than removed) the trackback. I will happily remove it if you prefer, but wanted the link to your new feature to stay, if you don’t mind. I look forward to reading it and hope others do too.

    “…so I have high hopes for the outcome.” Classic.

    I agree regarding Nabokov. I have not read half his polished work yet, so it will be some time (years) before I get around to unfinished manuscripts. The controversy regarding burn vs. publish was entertaining, however.

  4. Sarah says:

    Thanks Kerry, that’s a great improvement.

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