Interviews: Gina Berriault and Don DeLillo

Gina Berriault gave few interviews. One I could find on-line is this radio interview on NPR (7:00).

If you care to sign up for a free trial of some sort, apparently you can get to a widely cited interview from the Literary Review. I did not sign up, so feel free to share if you do…..

Due to the dearth of Berriault interviews, here is a link to a short bio of Gina Berriault at the Rhea Award for the Short Story.

Discussing Libra, DeLillo said: “But fiction can counteract some of the ambiguity and try to rescue history from its confusions. Stories are a consolation; fiction can be a balm.” The New York Times (July 19, 1988) (free access, login required).

The Don Dellilo Society has a comprehensive listing (often with helpful links) of DeLillo interviews. Peruse at your leisure.

Another list of DeLillo interviews, with fewer hyperlinks, can be found here. The interview list is part of Don DeLillo’s America, a website devoted to the author.

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